Client Enquiries from The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs (AMPdj)


Client Enquiries from AMPdj sites

One of the many worthwhile benefits we offer our members is the opportunity to receive extra client enquiries. Our five client sites bring in lots and lots of them around the Country - everything from Christenings to retirements and of course all those celebrations in between too.

We do have a limit on the number of DJs who can register to receive enquiries in each area, however even if your area is full, you can still join for all the other benefits we offer (plus we have a waiting list facility in operation).

The £10m DJ PLI we provide as a benefit of membership is valid worldwide and not affected by your choice of area for client enquiries.

"... I joined AMPdj for the PLI, thinking that the extra enquiries were probably just a pipe dream. I've just checked, and 4 months into my membership I have received 43 enquiries and managed to convert over 40% of these into bookings"

Richard, Phoenix Entertainments, Herts

Mobile DJ Disco

This was the first site we launched and it has since been given a complete makeover.

It does well in the search engines and brings in a regular stream of enquiries.

In 2015 it was updated to make it tablet and mobile phone friendly using a responsisve design.

Party DJ Disco

Our Party site gives clients advice and tips as well as providing enquiries for our registered members. It was completely updated and revamped in 2014 to make it mobile and touch screen friendly.

This is also the site for Affiliate Members to join us.

karaoke DJ client enquiry site

The latest of our enquiry sites was launched following a suggestion from AMPdj member Rob Griffiths.

It concentrates on the specialist area of Karaoke for those who want more than 'just a disco'.

Christmas Party Disco

This is another of our specialist sites and, although aimed at the Christmas Party market, it does receive visitors throughout the year with a notable increase from around June right through until December.

Another site that has been completly updated in 2015 to make it responsive for different screen sizes.


Birthday Dj Disco

The Birthday Party site contains lots of useful & interesting information about this annual event for everyone.

It receives lots of visitors via social networking sites where it is often linked from.

As well as all the client sites, we have others linked into AMPdj primarily for DJs. You can discover more about those below.

Mobile DJ Public Liability Insurance Information

The DJ Public Liability Insurance site answers questions from both DJs and clients on the subject of PLI.

If your question isn't already covered you can contact us directly from the site using the Support Form provided.

We also provide some background information on AMPdj.

Mobile DJ Trade Tips

Our Mobile DJ Trade Tips are published at least once a month and cover all aspects of being a Mobile DJ including marketing, equipment, pricing your service, other support services and lots more.

You can read all previous issues and subscribe for free on this site. Much of the information from past newsletters is now included in 'DJ Hank's Really Useful Guide for Your Mobile Disco Business' available from the AMPdj Goodie Store